About Health Testing at High Desert's Blue Lacy Dogs~
An interesting fact about Blue Lacys is the blue gene causes them to have less coat which is why they don’t shed or blow their coats as most breeds do and why they are significantly cleaner and don’t smell.
Hip dysplaysia is very common in herding/working breeds so they should always be tested for that at the very least. You can test for these as young as you like (it is best to wait until they are at least 10 months old) for a prelim result before you breed, but you can't get the official one until they are at least two years old. The ABLA has asked all breeders to test dogs they are breeding for these two things and to not over vaccinate and of course as the ABLA President I am doing my best to improve the breed and health testing is a major part of that. As a result our registry is proud to say that so far we do not have the health problems others are encountering. Below is an example of a "Prelim" and below that is the "official certificate" for hips and the CERF eye test. You would get copies of these types of records in your "Puppy Packet".
Blue Lacy Health testing
Blue Lacy Health testing
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