blue lacy dog Hello, I’m Josey Wales. I think I’m pretty handsome.  Don’t you? I’ve been told that you already know me, but I’m sorry, I have forgotten.  We can be friends anyway.  I’ll love you the very next time we meet anyway. I’m a Portlander, and while I really don’t like the rain much, I’m gonna put up with it for two reasons: First, I love my home.  That’s my people in the photograph, and we are the very best friends.  I love them dearly, and I know they love me. Next, when the weather is nice here it is really great!  When the sun shines everybody smiles and so do I.  I love to run in the sun!  None of this laying around stuff when it’s sunny outside.  I’ve already seen several days like that and it’s almost time for winter. I have been told my people will take me on long walks on trails and on the beach, and in the true spirit of Outlaw Josey Wales, I will be set free without that funky strap on my collar so I can romp up and down through the trees, streams and on the sand. I just can’t wait! Meanwhile, I am practicing every minute I get with my nose to the ground, learning about the world and trying to find something really great.

Well, I’ve already learned that pebbles are not as great to eat as I first thought.  There’s much better things, I know.  I like chasing the ball too.  My people want me to bring it to them, and when I do I get a treat!

You know, I’m a really happy guy.  My people probably think I’m pretty little, but pretty soon I’m gonna be a full grown up.  I know that will be the best! I’ll send you some more pictures and you’ll see! Please give my love to those other puppies I barely remember.  Maybe someday I’ll see one of them again.

 Your friend forever,

 Josey Wales All grown up(21" & 35 pnds)>

Josey Wales ~ Blue Lacy Dog

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We made it home today after a pretty easy trip.  Last night at the motel wasn't too bad.  Josey pretty much told us when he had to go out when he whined from his kennel every two to three hours.  We were sleeping pretty light anyway, and I had an alarm set for every three hours.  His alarm was the most accurate.  He didn't like going out in the cold and the rain, as you already know, but got it done while whining.  (He seemed to like the snow up on Willamette Pass, however!)  He was very easy to crate train and seems to love his bed in the kennel.  He was going in it on his own when we left the door open after introducing him to it with treats and toys, and otherwise slept quite well. At home he already is going to the back door and whining when he has to go potty. Thank you very much for the long visit.  Watching Calamity with her pups was pretty special.  She's a great teacher. Thank you!! *Ken & Carol~ Josey, OR
   Tri Blue Lacy Puppy Picture

In 2008, my husband and I decided we were ready to get a dog.  While doing some research online to figure out what dog would be best for us, we came across the Blue Lacy. A dog we had never heard of in upstate NY, but had several of the traits we were looking for.  We then came across Stephanie’s web site and she had the cutest little tri colored puppy available.  We were really excited and made contact with her to get him to us.  Cody has been amazing and everything we were looking for and more.  He is attached to us at the hip, and we worked through some separation anxiety at first, but since he has realized when we leave, we will come back, he has been much better.  He has excelled in every obedience, tracking, and agility class we have enrolled him in, and loves to go out and be active.  This year we had a new addition to the family..our daughter.  Knowing Cody had been the baby for the last 2 years, we figured this could be a big adjustment for him.  We began carrying a baby doll around the house to try and get him used to the idea.  On a few occasions, while we were gone, he got a hold of the baby doll.  Each time I was so worried that he would harm the doll and what that might mean for our real baby, but each time I found it on his bed, without so much as a scratch or nibble on it.  Since the baby has been here, he has been great!  He has an irresistible compulsion to lick her ears whenever he gets a chance, but for the most part he has shown very maternal behavior towards her.  A couple weeks ago I was changing the baby upstairs and she was crying.  I heard Cody come up and drop something by my feet, and walk was the baby's pacifier!  I couldn't believe it!  The first few nights, every little peep woke him and he had to peek over her bassinet and make sure she was ok.  He has since adjusted very well to all her normal little sounds, but when he hears something new like a cough he comes running to check and make sure she's ok.  I tell him she's ok, and he goes back to his business.  I can't wait until Maya grows up and they can be best buddies.  We are so glad to have Cody as part of our family! :) *Jessica~ Cody, NY

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Doolin Update~ "Guess who the poster boy for the new water treadmill is? He’s a pro! Stephanie – you have no idea how cool J

Doolin is AMAZING! He is so steady he has been asked to do the demonstrations for this new fitness tool at a local dog school. Many of the dogs are put off by the small tank, water rushing in at the bottom, treadmill moving, the noises, etc. He’s done one demo already with a room full of people crowded around the treadmill – NO PROBLEM! As a young, 8 month old pup – he went right to work showin’ them how it’s done! Frankly I was a little surprised that he wasn’t more interested in greeting everyone and licking them to death! He is an exuberant guy when it comes to greeting people & dogs – so I expected that a room full of people might have overwhelmed/distracted him, but I was so pleased and proud that he just did his thing as if it were just the two of us J

I’m so so glad that you introduced water so young – he just jumped right in the baby pool when I got him. Little did I know that this awesome treadmill was in our future – it’s a great way to keep dogs active during these winter months when it’s too icy to get them out. He loves it! Not to mention all the attention he gets for being so good at it J

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My son Ben had never had a dog and really wanted one.  He is 23 and goes to college and works part time.  We have a mini family compound on an acre of which ¾ acres is fully fenced.  My wife and I live in one house while my mother who is in her 80’s lives in a house connected to ours and Ben has a house behind ours.  We had never heard of a Blue Lacy until we visited my brother in Texas and he had one.  She was really an incredible dog and we fell in love with her.   When Ben started talking of getting a dog again I told him it had to be a Blue Lacy.  He immediately said “yes!” and got on line to see if Stephanie had any.  My other son had found her site while looking for a dog to run with.  Just by luck Calamity was expecting in a month and she had one spot left which we took.  Ben was like an expectant father waiting for the pups to be born.  When they were born we all watched the web cam every day.  Ben had picked out Sierra almost immediately because of her color and the dark stripe that ran down her back and the darker tip on her tail.  He just hoped he would get her.  We were lucky that we live close to and could go visit after the pups turned 4 weeks old.  This made him want her even more.  On the next trip Steph. told him she was his. 
Waiting for another 4 weeks was torture but she called him after seven weeks and said she was coming our way and would drop her off.  Only Ben was home as we were all out of town.  This worked out great because when we got back 2 days later they had bonded and Sierra was his dog.  Even though she loves our whole family she only has one master and no matter who she is with when he comes home she goes crazy.  She runs to him and starts squealing and puts her paws around his neck as if hugging him and licks him for five minutes.  I have never seen a dog show such emotion.  She was easy for him to train and as she grows older she gets even better.

Another trait we have seen in her, is her ability to know when something is wrong.  Ben’s grandmother has had some recent surgeries lately and she detected she wasn’t feeling good.  So instead of being her usual playful self she would just go lay her head on her lap. 

         Her daily routine is that she and Ben come over to my house every morning and I feed her.  She comes in and finds me in the house and gives me a good licking then goes and sits by her bowl.  Her next stop with Ben is his grandmother’s where she goes in and immediately starts shaking her hand to get a treat.  She knows each house by the name of who lives there.

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   Sierra loves the dog park and her friends there.  If I say “let’s go to the park” she runs to the truck and waits.  As you turn into the park she is up and looking to see which of her friends are there.  She usually plays with a Great Dane, Pit Bull and a Lab.  She holds her own against them all and they never fight, just play and run and she loves to run.  No one can catch her and if they get close she can cut without ever loosing stride.  She loves the outdoors and will stay out back in our yard for hours at a time.  Every time I trim trees, pieces I cut up for firewood disappear only to be seen in her mouth going across the yard.  She literally moves the wood pile.  She loves to chew on wood and bones which she has stashed everywhere.

       This dog and breed are truly incredible.  They are so smart I sometimes have to spell around her or she knows what we’re saying.  When she is alone at home for a few hours and we come home we flip a coin to see who goes in first because she goes crazy and jumps and runs all around.  It is really a site to see.  To say she is loved is an understatement. She has changed our lives forever.*Ben & Daniel's Sierra, NV

Maximus- "He is fabulous, I couldn't ask for a better dog. We get compliments wherever we go. He's so smart too, I hardly have to put any work into training sessions; he picks up on exactly what I want him to do right away. Unless it comes to not licking, he holds on very stubbornly to that one no matter what we do haha. He's really sight oriented so I've incorporated that in how we do training sessions. He was really apprehensive around people at first, especially children, but does really well now. Now the only thing that really makes him nervous is baby strollers but he hasn't had too many opportunities to be around them yet. So he's either following me around or patrolling the house and would play fetch 24/7 if he could. Frisbee is a new favorite as long as it's not too hot. He's absolutely wonderful, I wouldn't trade him for the world." *Emily

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Hi, just wanted to share this video with you. Our oldest was diagnosed with autism last year and Cody is just wonderful with her. We so love him!!:) He really has been great. He is so tolerant of both the girls and especially Maya. She loves to make believe play with him and that is HUGE for her. Lately she has been playing doctor a lot and also saying cmon cody lets go on an adventure! She packs all their stuff in little buckets and walks around the house with him... I'm so thankful she can play with him and he helps her be imaginative :). I can't believe he will be 7 this year! I want to freeze time! We would LOVE another Lacy. Within the next two years we will hopefully be moving to a house with much more land. Maybe at that point we will get lucky and you will have some pups or your friend in California.:). We just don't have the space for another one right now. Until then, Cody has been awesome and only getting better with time. Thanks so much! *Jessica
The first pic is of our Zackary, our boy with the brain tumor.  He is so happy.  She is already starting her therapy for him....  Zack has been very ill, very rough past few days for him.  He has been in bed most of the day and Lucy has been right by his side.  He said she cares for him and makes him feel better.  He is so happy, he loves her and she is so good for him.  He said thanks for my lacy mom, she loves me.  Everytime he lays down, she's right there snuggling.  The other photo is of all my boys, Noah and Jacob.  She makes Jacob giggle till his belly hurts as she plays with him.*Abels


Blue BoyJust wanted to let you know.... Spock passed his Canine Good Citizen!  He loves to sniff a lot on the leash but he did well enough.  The test was intense but is based around a dogs interaction with strangers.  I joke all the time how he loves people more than other dogs and it shows all the time.  At the dog park he likes hanging out and greeting humans more than playing or checking out the other dogs. *Stephen's Spock, CA

Blue Lacy odie We enjoy this dog so much. Odie has become our neighborhood mascot. He is well behaved, learns quickly, and loves to please. We live on the water and Odie is truely a "beach dog".*Arn & Barbara's Odie

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lacy game dog puppy lacy puppy
Gunner is a great help working cows on our ranch. He and my son are inseparable. Also, my parents are looking for a Lacy as well. Stay in touch. Take care! *Kevin
lacy dog with children
Texas Blue Lacy

Cody is growing up to be a great boy and is too smart for his own good. I’ve been working on teaching him a bunch of new tricks which he picks up in a matter of a few minutes. I take him with me to the motocross track and the dunes and he doesn’t blink twice at the noise of the bikes or sand rails, he’ll nap under my truck the entire time and will even hop onto my lap and ride around the camp on my quad. He’s loving this winter weather and making friends at the dog park (he’s current tug of war champion). He's a complete goof ball that wants to do nothing more than play. I love my little boy to death and am happy he is in my life.


Here’s a link to my youtube page where I have a couple videos of him.

Youtube link


Thank you for such an amazing dog, *Kate Cook


lacy yard Spock is great.  He behaves better and better everyday.  He loves the mile walk/jog each way we take every other day to the dog park and loves his new fenced back yard.  He is on such a schedule it's funny.  He knows exactly when breakfast and dinner time are and when his Mommie comes home from work.  It's funny he will sit on the couch and stare at the front door for about 15mins before she arrives.  He loves his pack!  We take hikes at all the state parks around Atlanta.  My buddy I hunt with has moved to Nashville so we have yet to get him tracking but I can't wait.  He loves to herd the trash can with wheels whenever I take it out to the curb.  His only medical problem has been an eye infection which was cleared up with an ointment from the vet within a day.  He never skipped a beat when he was fixed.  We love him so much! *Stephen Olas
SAR "High Desert's Atticus" pictured far left with kneeling owner is doing SAR in California. Mike loves Lacys for Search And Rescue and now owns 3 of them.
SAR Blue Lacy Dog

Went to see Dr. Brown this morning and this is what he said:

"This dog is sound and able to be trained as a working dog. Her hips and elbows are smooth and even with good range of motion, her gait is appropriate and smooth, she stands on her rear legs easily, and her front legs splaying and slightly cow-hocked rear leg don't worry me at all. In fact, I see a lot of greyhounds with splayed front feet--the breeders believe it is associated with greater speed."


He further said that without an x-ray he can't make an official statement about her hips, but if he were to guess he's say she's between Excellent and Mild, but more likely on the Excellent side of things. He was also a little surprised when he asked me to have her trot. He said, "Huh! She's a pacer, she doesn't trot." I asked what that means and he said asked if she is fast. I said, "YES! Very fast." He said fast dogs are usually pacers.

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My "mutant ninja puppy" (I call her affectionately, because she really is a ninja!) is strong and healthy! *Libby

Blue Lacy puppy Blue Lacy dog
Adult pics of Lacy Game Dogs~!


Please don't be offended if I haven't featured your dog here. I have stopped adding to this page as there are just too many thrilled owners to keep doing so. American Lacys are an incredible breed and unlike other registries we have kept our bloodlines pure allowing NO CROSS BREEDING to other breeds. You will NEVER find black masks from Black Mouthed Curs in our bloodlines, We also breed healthy dogs and have never produced any cleft palates and unlike other registries we have NOT purposely bred cleft palates into the breed. Our dogs are incredibly healthy with none of the immune problems, cancers, hip problems or anything else other breeders have. Our dogs are long lived, healthy AND gorgeous~! Lacys are on the verge of extinction if they aren't already due to the mass amount of cross breeding. I can count on one hand the breeders I know of who are breedig purebreds. I will always own Lacys, but only have one litter a year now, usually in the spring so they can be trained for water. I only recommend one other Lacy breeder and that is Tricia in California as she owns and breeds dogs from me. She also does all the health testing as I do including OFA for hips. You can rest assured all of our dogs have been health tested for generations now. Pups come with health guarantees, potty training, micro-chipped, extensive puppy packet and a lifetime return policy with full refund up until 6 months. If for any reason you can't keep your Lacy with the contract you sign they are to come back to me.

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<< He drinks a lot of water but it hasn’t affected him being house broken.  We have a fountain water bowl and he loves to play in it, has to stand one foot in the fountain while he drinks. I love how he cuddles at night – that little dog can manage to push me out of bed where I have to walk around to the other side and get in – and it’s a king size bed. And if I wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, forget about getting my spot back.  His favorite chew toys are a deer antler, bully sticks and a cow hoof but he does come up with the occasional shoe or slipper around the house if you don’t stay on top of him.  We talked about him being dramatic and vocal, he carries on when he is trying to play with the cat and the cat gets somewhere he can’t get to- mostly down our basement stairs.  Colt can still fit through the cat door – we have a very large cat. Will keep you posted and I am sure I will be asking questions.  Have a great weekend. *McMackin’s Colt , PA

         Blue Lacy Pup

Zada Jane is doing great here in Charlotte. We love her so much and she seems very happy in her new home. Everybody that meets her falls in love with her and I think that there may be a whole new crop of Blue Lacy fans here in North Carolina. I'll send you pictures of her so you can see how she has grown. *John, SC

Lacy dog Sage (pictured left all grown up) is absolutely a delight,  she fits in so well.  We have had a lot of laughs watching her interact with the other dogs.  She is really soft and gentle with them, they like playing with her.  The only time she cries is when she can't find me, and she sleeps in her crate just fine, knowing I am right next to her.  Now I know what you meant when you said there is nothing like a Lacy,  she is very unique, and so much fun to see what interests her at the moment. *Tricia, CA
Family with new Blue Lacy

<<This is their second High Desert Blue Lacy. They opted for a Tri this time. Sage (the red girl) is full grown at almost two years old.

Just wanted to let you know that Josy is so smart and John is really falling in love with her.  He started to do some scent exercises with her last night,  She picked it up so fast, we were both so excited, she had so much fun.  She is such a good baby!!!   And Sage is such a good Mom to Josy what more could we ask for.  Thank You!! * Tricia & John, CA

I've got to tell you how wonderful Max is. He is amazing. Good with the kids, great with the cat, comes to his name, knows his box is for sleeping. Never runs away. Walks on the leash nicely. Just amazing. He is also so unbelievably friendly as well.  Let's everyone in the world pet him. Not to mention everyone can't get over how beautiful he is.  We couldn't be happier. *Paula, CA
High Desert's tri Josey update~ Josey is absolutly amazing, she is very sleek in her build, and so graceful when she moves. I have watched her running, see something above, jump 5 feet in the air to grab it, hit the ground and keep on running. Her agility is astonishing! Josey is such a loving companion, she will not let me out of her sight. She loves to go with me when I go out with the horses and trial ride. It's nice not to have to keep an eye on her because I know she will stick close to me. If she hits a scent she will take off after it, but only so far as to still be able to keep me in her site. She does love to run and boy is she fast!! I just wanted to thank you for another incredible Blue Lacy.
Mother Magdalene's Blue Lacy Puppy We made it home safely and we had a quiet trip with Eli. He was amazing! He stayed quiet the whole way home except for a little whining a half hour before landing. He was hungry and we gave him a little food and he quieted right down. Last night we had a good night too. When we came home he was so excited and he was exploring everywhere and got even more excited. *Mother Magdalene & Sisters with Eli ~Canada
We hope this finds you keeping well. It's been awhile since we communicated and we wanted to let you know how very much we are enjoying Eli's company. With the better weather, he has been spending a lot of time outdoors and this is the first year that we have not had a problem with the geese. Eli has had a blast chasing after them. I have included a couple of photos, although I should take some more recent shots outdoors to send to you.

We are seriously considering a playmate for Eli and are wondering when you are planning a litter from Jesse? *Mother Magdalene ~~~They now own 2 Blue Lacys pictured right as adults. >> 
     Lacy Game Dog Puppy I just wanted to start off saying that Jesse is amazing! She loves to play fetch, she follows me everywhere I go, and her potty training is coming along well. I think she might be part flying squirrel though haha, as soon as I call her name she comes running at me and jumps from like three feet away right into my arms :).*Danny, CA

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Blue Lacy with 2 year old I never wrote to tell you how well he worked out.   He house trained very easily in a difficult circumstance. About two days after our flurry of emails back and forth and he got it.  He learned quickly that he had to put up with a lot from our 2 year old.   Generally easy to train and wants to be a good dog, you did a great job of breading him. Thanks, Tom tri colored lacy
What Owners Have To Say & More Adult Photos