I am the President of the American Blue Lacy Association and a Preferred breeder. We are very selective and search for perfect matings in every single one we plan, no matter how far we have to travel to make it happen. All ABLA Preferred Breeders are being very meticulous in planning each and every breeding we are doing with our dogs as we are striving to get them to the uniformed standard for the American Blue Lacy, with the temperament and skills they are known for. The horrible effects of cross breeding to Pit Bulls, wild Cur and other dogs that has been so prevalent has had disastrous results on the Blue Lacy. One of the main reasons the ABLA was formed was to stop this cross breeding practice. It also makes it quite easy to tell just by looking if a dog you are checking out is a pure  bred Blue Lacy. The ABLA breeders are not careless breeders. Every mating is thoroughly researched and we go to great lengths to be sure all of us are producing the most incredible dogs we are capable of through a combined group effort. Combined skills, knowledge, health testing and research really do make a big difference in the results as you can see. Please let me know if you have any questions. General wait time for one of my pups is six months. As I'm sure you know by now, Blue Lacys are definitely worth the wait.

Wyatt's Parents: High Desert's Pistol & High Desert's Saloon Dancer

red Lacy Dog
The tri pictured with Wyatt is Wyatt and Calamity's son High Desert's Ringo. You will see more of him when he is full grown. Both boys are exemplary represent-atives of our breed and are available for stud now or in the near future in Ringo's case. Bam Bam has a lot of white on his chest and can only be bred with girls with very little to no white, so I do not offer him for stud, sorry.>>> Blue Lacy stud dogs


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