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~ About Our Blue Lacy   Puppy Process ~


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The mailing list is used to make announcements regarding planned litters, whelped litters, and available Blue Lacy puppies. We'll also use it to occasionally announce puppies that other breeders we respect have available. It is very low volume as I don't email often, and you are welcome to unsubscribe at any time.

I accept deposits all year long, but only breed once a year. If a puppy is not born of your stated preference you will have first choice of next litter or the option of a full refund of the $250 deposit. Once we have announced to the waiting list we have a Blue Lacy puppy available for placement to a good home, we'll then request that anyone interested send us a personal email telling me a bit about their environment, how they plan to work/exercise their Blue Lacy and what exactly they are looking for in their new companion. I don't use an application as I feel they can be impersonal and I can get to know someone better by an informal Email.

We have adopted this method of puppy placements because we're worried that our time constraints are causing us to miss wonderful homes or requests might get lost in the shuffle. We also are hesitant to contact people who have contacted us for a puppy months before hand. Since we don't breed dogs for a living, keeping track of all of the requests we receive has become a bit difficult and we're worried our puppies might be missing some fantastic homes. We want to make sure that anyone interested in a puppy from us is aware when we have Blue Lacy pups available. We hope this new process will make that more possible.

Please fill out the information below to add yourself to receive news updates. You are also welcome to Email us or call Pacific time: (775) 867-4108.

  Blue Lacy Puppies Proud member of the American Blue Lacy Association, AKC, NKC, CPE, NADAC, Truckie Meadows Dog Training Club, Bonanza Kennel Club and founding member of the Fallon Agility Sports Team F.A.S.T.




blue lacy dogs

~ Our Blue Lacy Puppy List And Litter News ~

blue lacy dogs


Our Blue Lacy puppies come with a health guarantee. We raise our puppies with love and nurturing in our home. We also ask for any reason you are not able to keep them years from now, we have the right to first refusal to get them back. All of our pure bred Blue Lacy puppies are placed with a spay / neuter contracts unless otherwise specified. I have some of the oldest, purest Blue Lacy lines and I very rarely allow anyone else to breed them. All pups are usually reserved with deposits before they are even born and often before I breed. It is best to get your deposit in early. I normally only have a litter in the Spring, but once in a while if Spring didn't take I will have one in the Fall.

We are happy to answer any questions regarding your new Blue Lacy puppy. We love to hear from new owners about their new puppy and hope to receive pictures of our puppies in their new homes. We are dedicated to raising happy, healthy Blue Lacys that will provide you with years of outstanding companionship and lot's of enjoyment.

We hand raise quality Blue Lacy dogs for performance competitions, open range herding, sport tracking and family companions. We breed for the love of the breed and a desire to afford others the opportunity to find exceptional puppies from an ethical, experienced breeder. We concentrate our breeding on several factors including temperament, excellent genetic backgrounds, and qualified pedigrees that exemplify the breed. We follow and breed to the Blue Lacy Standard originally established in the 1800s by the Lacy brothers. Our Blue Lacys most importantly are Healthy, Socialized, Beautiful, Intelligent, and Devoted.

We like to get to know our prospective buyers as much as possible before placing a pup. We want to make sure before we place pups in homes that you've been to the ABLA web site to see what it means to us to own a Blue Lacy. I'm one of the ABLA licensed breeders and we are very dedicated to keeping this breed pure and only breeding to the standard to improve the breed. Do you have the perfect home for one of these rare, incredible dogs? If you can support the ABLA's efforts on behalf of the Blue Lacy please fill out the form below.

I've found the best way to make sure great homes don't get lost in the shuffle is to have everyone add themselves to the mailing list. Be sure to confirm your subscription or you won't be added. Please Email me if you have any questions.

  Blue Lacy Dogs Proud member of the American Blue Lacy Association, AKC, NKC, CPE, NADAC and founding member of the Fallon Agility Sports Team F.A.S.T.


I want to get to know my puppy owners as much as possible. I have always felt having you tell me about yourselves, family, and environment and how you plan to work/exercise your Blue Lacy in your own words was the best way to do this. So instead of an application I just have a few questions you should check out before you decide a puppy ~ any puppy ~is for you. If any of these questions give you pause, it is probably not the best idea to add yourself to my puppy list. It will save both of us a huge headache later.

  1. Do you already own a Chihuahua or some other vicious dog that hates other dogs? This is a perfect example of an unsocialized dog. Do not bring a puppy into this situation.
  2. Do you have the time to spend with your new puppy? They require a huge amount of attention for the first 8 weeks you own them. These 8 weeks are just as crucial as the first 8 weeks they spend with me and can either continure to develop your puppy to his/her full potential or make a problem dog for life. Your first 4 weeks are especially important since you need to introduce your puppy to 100 people for his socialization during this time.
  3. Do you realize that a puppy at 8 weeks is like a human 2 year old, they cannot “hold it”? They will make it through the night because they are sleeping, but you can’t expect them to be fully under control until 12 weeks, but plan on 16 which is equal to a humans 4 years old. Thus the Xpen when you are not watching them.
  4. When you take your new puppy home he/she is most likely going to nip and bite and treat you like a littermate. Just like a little kid they will see what they can get away with and who they can bully. It is up to you to teach them their spot in the pack order (last). You also need to keep an eye out for your other dogs and not let them get bullied by your new puppy or let them bully your new puppy. Use the squirt bottle on whoever is being a bully and tell them to "Be nice".
  5. I have excellent methods for teaching them not to place their mouths on you. Are you prepared to squirt your puppy with a water bottle and teach them deference?
  6. I do not want one of my puppies ruined by being chained out all day. This is stipulated in my contract. A very quick and easy way to ruin any dog is to do this to them. Chaining a dog builds aggression which leads to nipping and biting as well as other behavior problems. Are you prepared to never do this?
  7. Blue Lacys are a soft dog, which means you do not manhandle, be mean, use choke chains or prong collars. They respond to positive training methods only. Aggression towards them only makes them defend themselves and build aggression towards you in return.
  8. Is everyone in your house ready to take a couple of seconds throughout their day to tell your puppy to sit, down, etc.? Training should be a constant thing not just 15 minutes a day. A couple seconds here and there are much more effective and teaches them deference to everyone in the house.  Besides when is the last time you could get a toddler to pay attention for 15 minutes? It is just the same with a puppy.
  9. Does the woman of the house (Mom, fiancée, girlfriend, etc.) understand that puppies are going to have accidents? If you follow directions and do things right this should be minimal, but it is bound to happen sooner or later.
  10. Does everybody know they are getting a puppy? Puppies are never a good idea as a "surprize" gift. They are a new member of the family and a big commitment for everyone involved.



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