Stephanie Schenk
Fallon, Nevada




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I'd grown up with Doberman Pinschers. So of course my taste ran to the short haired sleek look they have. I didn't want a Doberman because they were just too big and I wanted a smaller dog. So I searched and searched on the Internet.  I started comparing dogs for size, look and temperament. Definitely didn't want a yapper and didn't want a dog that was hard to train, aggressive, drooled or had an anorexic looking head or body. My brother happened to call during this time and when I mentioned I was looking for a dog told me about this great Blue Lacy dog he'd just gotten for hunting mountain lions and tracking. I researched the Blue Lacys and ended up finding a breeder with the sleeker more graceful lines I was looking for in a dog.

I drove 2 days down into Texas to pick up my first Blue Lacy, and it was love at first site. After hearing and reading about how smart they were, I of course immediately set about teaching her tricks. I quickly ran out of anything I could think of to teach her. Incredulous at how fast she learned, I knew I had to do something more with this dog. I searched on the internet and found Canine Peformance Events. The list of what you can compete in with your dogs is endless; Tracking, Herding, Agility, Obedience, Rally-O and Flyball just to name a few. I discovered dog trials, where the friendliest people from all over gathered together in one spot to have a blast. I was hooked! Now I breed, compete and show Blue Lacys and French Bulldogs.

* I am also very active in the ABLA’s Blue Lacy rescue so if you are interested in a rescue or have one please contact me.

Thank you for visiting us. If you have more questions please feel free to Email or call (775) 267-7197.

I train my dogs in Obedience, Rally-O and Agility on top of what comes naturally like herding and tracking. I compete in the AKC, CPE, NADAC and ASCA. I am an active member of the Truckie Meadows Dog Training Club, Bonanza Kennel Club, Reno Kennel Club, President of the American Blue Lacy Association and a founder of the Fallon Agility Sports Team. I also compete in these events with my French Bulldogs with the addition of the Conformation ring. My favorite thing to do is pack up the RV and spend the weekend at dog events with my friends and competing with my dogs. That first place ribbon really gives you that great sense of accomplishment and tells you all your hard work has paid off. Just frosting on top of having a fun filled weekend. My weeks are filled with web design, 3D Animation, playing with puppies and training dogs. Oh what a wonderful life.

This site design is a never ending, favorite project in the hopes of letting more people know about the Blue Lacys. Besides, I like coming up with cool ways to make it fun to view. I'm constantly changing and adding new content. I think my love of the breed carries over in the design of the site. If you have some great information, pictures or stories about Blue Lacys please feel free to drop me a line and I'll add them to the ABLA blog. To see more of my 3D Animation & Web Design work please feel free to visit me at: & Drop me a line if you need help getting your own site up and running.