I believe Lacys are an incredible breed and love sharing them with others, but I don't breed often. I usually only have one litter a year in the summer since I train for using a doggy door and that doesn't work so well in cold. Deposits are NON refundable, BUT if a pup isn't born of your stated preference you have the option of first pick of next litter or full refund. Pups will be up on the puppy camera as soon as they are born. You will be able to see your puppy and watch him/her grow and develop on the web cam. You will be able to pick out your own puppy from the litter so he/she is a perfect match for you.

All of my dogs been tested for genetic defects and have passed their OFA health  testing. Links to their health testing is on their individual pages. They have also passed their eye CERF testing, tested by Board Certified Opthomologist for eye genetic defects. Puppies will be wormed and received their Distemper/Parvo vaccination shot made just for puppies. We recommend a titers test rather than further vaccinations due to vaccination sensitivity because of the blue gene. Puppy vaccinations have been proven to create a lifetime immunity so no further vaccinations necessary except for rabies at one year of age. All the information you need to raise a healthy, well adjusted Blue Lacy is included in your very extensive puppy packet which you receive at time  of deposit. All health data will be given to the Purchaser at time of transfer.

"High Desert's Pistol", is the gorgeous blue boy pictured below. He is owned by Johnny, AZ

Blue Lacy Pistol

"High Desert's Pistol"

I don't think this thing I have in my possession is a dog!!! And Glue is not adequate as a description either!!! LOL We have been workin' on sit. down and shake in the evenings and he's been doing real well but last night he cracked me up. He got so excited last night as we were about to start (he saw me get the treats) he started the drill without any commands. He would sit, put his paw up, lay down roll on his back and then start over again about as fast as he could about 4 times through then he sat there lookin at me like "well where in the Heck is the treat Mister"!!! And I hadn't said a word or given any hand signals at all (I was laughin' too hard by this time) Johnny, AZ

Blue Lacy Owner: Johnny, AZ

high desert's Blue Lacy Puppy Blue Lacys Dani & Pistol

High Desert's Wyatt Earp is a gorgeous red boy also owned by Johnny. (pictured right)

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A very liberally edited version of an article by Jerold S. Bell, D.V.M. that appeared in the September 1992 American Kennel Club Gazette, "The Ins and Outs of Pedigree Analysis, Genetic Diversity, and Genetic Disease Control"

The secret is that all linebreedings must be made on a combination of performance, appearance and ancestry.

Successful Breeders realize they are fighting "the drag of the breed," which is the tendency for all animals to breed back toward mediocrity. If it didn't work this way super species and super races would have developed long ago in every animal on earth. For instance in human beings it is impossible to breed parents with high IQs together to produce higher IQs. Even when two genius have children the average IQ of their children will be half way between normal and the average of their IQs.

By the way Einstein himself was the off spring of parents who were themselves first cousins - and he married his first cousin. So much for the tails of woe you heard in school about the effects of inbreeding.
In fact what few people understand actually happens is that as a line is successfully bred over the years a concentration of good recessive genes is happening. Assuming the Breeder is a person of integrity and doesn't knowingly breed animals that have disqualifiable faults or traits. Over a period of time this Breeder will clean up his gene pool. While it is true that line breeding gives the opportunity for the worst traits to display themselves in any individual animal, it is not true that the Breeder is required to use that animal in his gene pool. In fact if the Breeder is concerned with his gene pool and not just about producing pups he actually has the opportunity to clean up genes that would go unnoticed in an out cross breeding.
So what is the answer? Wherein lies the truth? It is not what you want to hear but here it is: Years and years of line breeding by a committed ethical Breeder - someone with a vision of perfection and the tenacity to make difficult decisions. The only way to consistently produce superior animals is to line breed. Period ... it's that simple!
Those who argue against line breeding are inevitably those who have never successfully bred animals themselves - most often they are college professors. The same people who have bred nothing more complicated than fruit flies or no more demanding than lab rats are often the most vocal about how others should breed performance animals. These "know-nothings" advocate the notion that out-crossing is in and of itself good because it produces some thing they often refer to as "hybrid vigor".

To them, and to you, we pose this question: "If out-cross breeding is the answer then why don't the owners of successful herds of Holstein milk cows out-cross to the American Shorthorn milk cow?" In theory this would produce super milk cows by combining a milk cow that has the genes for high milk production like the Holstein with one that has the genes for high milk quality like the American Shorthorn. Oh yes on both paper (the stuff of academia) and in theory this should produce the best milk cows on earth.

But this is where the theory that reigns supreme in the professor's lab meets the reality of the milk barn. Some of the most inbred animals on the face of the earth are Holstein Cattle. The reality is that dairy farmers know all too well is that they would go broke from the inferior milk production of the resulting out-crossed animals. Crossing to an animal with such poor milk production would be disastrous fore them. And here in lies the rub for all of us ...

Understand something and don't let anyone sway you again. Out crossing does NOT produce "more" the genetic material remains the same. Nor do the qualities of the subject animals it produces multiply. Just as line breeding doesn't damage genes - out crossing doesn't magnify what's in the genome. There is no magic in out crossing!
And for those who continue to stubbornly advocate out crossing we ask you this final question: "Even if by random chance the out cross breeding in question would actually produce a superior specimen would the animal in question be able to reproduce itself? Would the greatness be passed on to its get?" No.

The sad fact is that this superior specimen would likely not be able to reproduce itself. It will likely never throw a single specimen as good as it is in its lifetime. This is because by definition this "super specimen" is of the F1 generation. And animals of this generation are rarely able to reproduce themselves. So what has been accomplished by even a successful out cross? Little or nothing other than to put a single animal on the ground.

For fun I would like to invite this no-nothing college professor to the race track where for an afternoon he would have the opportunity to bet on all the out crosses and I would bet on all the line bred race horses. I believe we call them Thoroughbreds for a reason don't we? Oh but I forgot he wouldn't be the betting kind would he? Not in his lifestyle and not in his career. No, he would be the man of theory. He would be a man who lives in the world of theory.

Not us my friend! No, we both live in the world of fact. Yes, we live in the world of tracking and hunting where what separates the wheat from the chafe are immeasurable traits like "heart" and "tracking sense". As Blue Lacy breeders we understand how much is expected of these amazing athletes we call Blue Lacys. You see we own performance animals not lab rats.
Think about it. Those who advocate the out crossing of hunting dogs are effectively proposing that hunters entrust the development of their performance dogs to the whims of random chance. If you believe this is a wise course then you need to locate another Breeder. May we suggest that you check the want ad section of your local newspaper where you will find many splendid examples of out cross breeding.
Although our breeding program remains a "hobby" our commitment to the Blue Lacy remains strong. We are looking forward to many more fine litters and many more years of great hunting behind our beloved High Desert Blue Lacy dogs. Which remains the single driving force behind our breeding program. Good Hunting.

Breeding true to type - Breeding true to the breed

I wean puppies around 4 weeks. With larger litters it is better for the health of my dam. Weaning earlier means my dams can play and hang out with the pups without them hounding her to death to feed them. She also teaches them bite inhibition by jumping away or gently pushing them away with her nose when they do seek to nurse.

Lacy Puppy Training~ All puppies come with basic pre- training. I do potty training, downs, sits, come and bite inhibition. They get play time in a baby pool (when warm) and beginning tracking.

I move into my whelping room a few days before a litter is due. This assures I am there for the delivery and I can watch over the pups for the first couple of weeks to avoid any accidents. Training is a constant thing. So if they are getting a treat I practice bite inhibition or have them sit or down for it wherever we are. When I say "puppies" in my high pitched voice they come at top speed. I have a friend that is a dog groomer so they get hours there where everybody that comes in for a dog to be groomed picks up and socializes each pup. Lacys are a shy animal by nature so a little more effort as far as socialization is required. By the time a pup is handed over to a new owner I have done everything within my power to make them as perfect as possible. All the new owner has to do is carry on. Take them to home depot, hardware stores and pet stores on the weekend, things like that. Lot's of socializing in the first 14 weeks makes a difference that lasts a lifetime. If you have to work during the day take them to a doggy day care or to a friend’s house with a dog.  At five weeks I begin tracking sessions. I use beef jerky and hot dogs. It gets them used to putting their noses to the ground and using them. Something they do naturally, but this teaches them to focus and gives them practice. I don’t use a certain scent since people will use them for hunting mountain lions, tracking deer, Search and Rescue etc. I don’t want them to run off on a trail you don’t want them chasing later.

Since all of my wonderful High Desert Blue Lacys live in my house and sleep in my bed, their puppies are also raised in my house and monitored 24/7. Since I work out of my home, this allows me to constantly interact with the puppies throughout the day...7 days a week!   As their eyes and ears open, they are exposed to many sights and sounds. During the day, a sound effects CD is played for stimulation as well as getting the puppies accustomed and comfortable with sounds such as babies crying, dogs barking, machine guns blasting, thunder, clapping, kids screaming, etc. Sound effects such as these are also used by the Guide Dogs for the Blind.

I will ask each individual or family to submit an in-depth bio describing in detail the qualities they are looking for in a High Desert Blue Lacy, how they plan to work/compete with them and a description  of their environment. This guides both the buyer and breeder in the selection process when choosing the perfect puppy to best match their new potential owner. In addition, once you are placed on my puppy list for a specific litter, I am willing to accept a $250 deposit for puppies to secure your place and order on the puppy list. If the buyer and seller both agree that there is not a suitable puppy to match the requirements described in the bio, then the deposit can roll over to the next litter or be fully refunded. As a reputable breeder who stands by her Lacy line, High Desert's Lacys are fully guaranteed. Without a deposit, it will be in order of who responds first. You can see what the previous litter owners have to say about their pups and even more references from extremely satisfied customers are available upon request. I would always be more than happy to take back one of my pups as any reputable breeder would be. If the need should arrise to place an adult I would like to be notified so I may help in that placement.

I use Panacur for worming which kills all worms and Diatomaceous Earth which also kills parasites and worms. Since the Blue Lacy is a vaccine sensitive breed I do not give vaccinations before 6 weeks and only give the needed Parvo/Distemper combo shot. Pups only require one more of this shot at 12 weeks and they are done with shots. You can even skip this with a titers test instead. I will not risk over vaccinating which is the cause of kidney and liver failure as well as cancer, auto immune disease as well as other long term health problems. It is around 3-4 weeks that puppy selections are determined by mutual agreement. Litter evaluations are more about which lifestyle is suitable for each puppy than they are about picking for color. I've found this to be a invaluable tool for matching the perfect puppy to the perfect home.

If you are serious about getting a puppy from my next litter send me an email or you can add yourself to the puppy list for not only my litter upates, but other ABLA respected breeders who are expecting. Please respond quickly when announcements are made since it is a first come first to get situation without a deposit. Please remember to remove yourself when no longer interested from the list.

By adding one of my High Desert Lacy Game Dog puppies to your family you will experience why they are...

                                     Simply Incredible and are Second To None!

Our current litter is from Wyatt Urp & Calamity! We expect a very uniform, gorgeous litter from these two.
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