Like the Texas longhorn, the Blue Lacy is a Texas original; the only dog breed to have originated in Texas. Blue Lacys are named for the brothers George, Ewin, Frank and Harry Lacy who moved to Texas from Kentucky in 1858 and settled in the area of Burnet County.

For a hundred years, Blue Lacys were a common fixture on ranches in the Southwest, where it was said that one such dog could do the work of five cowboys; intelligent, energetic, fast, eager to work and easy to train and handle, Blue Lacys herded cattle, hogs and chickens. They also served as droving and hunting dogs.

While these gentle, versatile dogs continue to be used on ranches, they are also becoming highly prized again as hunting dogs. They are proving valuable, as well, in search and rescue work, owing to their keen scent-trailing ability; in addition, their easygoing way with children, their aptitude for jogging, agility courses, and games of Frisbee contribute to their growing popularity as family pets.

The Blue Lacy is a Texas native, a working dog bred to play an essential role in ranch operations, at a time when ranches themselves became one of the iconic Texas symbols.  A dog that has more than pulled its weight on many a Texas spread; this proud heritage assuredly gives the Blue Lacy a unique and  powerful claim of its own to represent the Lone Star State.

The 79th Legislature of the State of Texas hereby designates the Blue Lacy as the official State Dog Breed of Texas. *Senate Resolution 108


"The ABLA has devoted a considerable amount of time to it's members and breeders in order to help them achieve their goals in helping each other to sufficiently expand our gene pool in order for the Blue Lacy to attain official recognition as a breed. Many have understood our vision and have joined us to work very hard to help reach our goals of breeding pure bred and healthy Blue Lacy dogs.

It is the ABLA's hope that the information you have seen on these pages will help you to better understand the true history of this breed, as well as the people that have dedicated themselves towards saving this incredible breed. These are magnificent dogs and don't deserve to be wiped out due to cross breeding! It is because of these Licensed Breeders that have continued to expand their education towards the goal of breeding to better the breed, that your grandchildren will someday be able to enjoy the special qualities that we all love about these unique dogs. If not for these visionaries the few pure Blue Lacys left sure wouldn't be around in the future.

If you feel that you have been drawn to these dogs, please take some time to fully investigate all claims that you will be hearing from various people claiming to be selling you "Blue Lacy" puppies. There is nothing like the experience of owning a true Blue Lacy. These are incredible life companions that will be around for many years, don't short change yourself by settling for anything but the real deal. Make sure you do your research and get your pup from a licensed ABLA breeder." * American Blue Lacy Association


We are NOT desperate to register dogs. We are not more lax with our registration process. We are the hardest registry to get into. If you have tried elsewhere and failed please do not even bother with us. We are more than just the cost of a puppy. There are reasons we have waiting lists and get more for our puppies. Please do not apply if you can't supply the bloodlines for your dog with a pedigree. We are not the registry of last resort. People who get puppies from us expect a lot more. We won't recommend breeders if we are not sure of the health of the puppies they are producing, we are not just another forum to get rid of what you are producing for more money.


If you have a shining example of the breed meaning:

Please study the breed standard! If you can supply the required pictures and your dog looks like a Blue Lacy. Has a fantastic temperament that is just fine with small children. Has a great working ability and tracking skills. Is within the breed standard of conformation and size. We are looking for the best of the best to join us and set the breed standard for the breed in looks, conformation, temperament and size when accepted into the AKC. We are seeking to be entered into the "Hound Group".


If you are striving to breed to a higher standard than the average Blue Lacy breeder. If you are willing to do health testing for genetic defects on your adults to make sure the puppies you are producing and entering into the registry are healthy and free of genetic problems. If you are willing to stand behind what you are producing by placing each and every puppy with a health guarantee. Most likely including a notice so the new owner won't over vaccinate this vaccine sensitive breed. If you will only place the best of your litters with a breeding contract with any not used for breeding under spay/neuter contracts.


To preserve promote and foster in America the breeding, training, and distribution of reliable working Blue Lacys through education, ethical breeding and active ownership. Yes, the AKC told us to get our numbers up before reapplying, but we would rather take a bit longer and have a registry filled with dogs as close to perfection as possible when we do get accepted. After all these dogs are going to be the shining examples of our breed to the world. If you own a Blue Lacy that is AKC worthy in health, looks and conformation feel free to join us.*Stephanie Schenk ~ABLA President

This is a HUGE fantastic article that explains everything you need to know about breeding by a world renown breeder. I especially found interesting all the detail he goes into on how outcrossing destroys a breeding program. Outcrossing is the only type of breeding allowed at the TLGDA. That a dog registry can dictate to their members how they can breed still amazes me, but that they literally make it so people can't improve upon the breed just boggles the mind.


There is simply no other breeder who has come even close to what Mr. Brackett has accomplished. This is a compilation of articles on the subject of breeding written for Dog World Magazine for which he won the Dog Writers' Association Award. You already know we are big advocates for line breeding here at the ABLA and many of us have even been working together to create our own "strain" within the Blue Lacy breed in our goal of perfecting the breed.


Lloyd C. Brackett is one of the fathers of the German Shepherd in this country and the oldest living continuous fancier of the breed in America (since 1912) his theories on breeding have been more than proven in his Long-Worth Kennels where he established his own strain in the breed and produced more than 90 champions in only 12 years —a world’s record for any breed. Known affectionately as "Mr. German Shepherd" he has proven beyond doubt the soundness of his breeding program.


This explains perfectly why we are so against the rule set by the TLGDA for no line breeding and why we advocate and encourage line breeding of health tested dogs; also why a few of us have even gotten together in the ABLA for a collective effort towards building our own strain within the Blue Lacy breed. This includes selective breeding of dogs that have been health tested for a few generations now and who we know are producing healthy pups with zero genetic faults, excellent temperaments, incredible noses and easy trainability. As the officers of the ABLA and breeders ourselves we more than welcome those that would like to join us in our endeavors. If you are looking for good foundation stock for your breeding program or looking for advice we are happy to help.*Stephanie Schenk ~ ABLA President


If you are considering breeding or already a breeder I highly recommend reading the full article:


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