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hunters ~ The Blue Lacy Puppy Room ~ duck hunting

High Desert's Blue Lacys~ I know there is a LOT of information and reading to do on my website, but I figure you want to know as much as possible about the breed, their environment and their breeder. Blue Lacys are a long lived healthy breed who will be apart of your life for many years. The first 12 weeks are a HUGE influence on if they live up to their potential. Good genes and a fantastic start mae for wonderful life companions. Getting to know us a little better.....we thought it would be fun for you to get to see where your pups are going to be running around when off camera. This is their room and after they are potty trained at around 5 weeks they have full run of it except at night. Between running all over and using the doggy door they tend to disappear from the puppy cam a lot after that time. I take turns with them so hopefully a few are always on the puppy cam for you to see. We have since upgraded to flat screen monitors and TVs as well as a few other changes, but I'm not doing all this again. lol I took about 20 pictures and Photoshopped them together to give you this slightly warped at times view. I hope you enjoyed. 



Blue Lacys and French Bulldogs
Blue Lacy Dog Dani
Blue Lacy Dog Gunner
Blue Lacy Game Dog Bam Bam
Blue Lacy Puppy Box

Blue Lacy_deer hunting

(left) This is the Xpen area. You will see this on the puppy cam when they are older and can make use of the doggy door. This leads to their own private puppy yard. female hunter

(top) Portraits of Calamity I drew. (bottom) Their puppy pavilion.

(right) Ribbons in Agility, Rally-O and Frenchies are doing fantastic in the Show ring.

hunting and tracking (right) Dani and a Frenchie relaxing and getting some sun. When it is warmer there is another doggy door here that leads to another area. tracking We have a few studs on a cattle ranch in Arizona except for Bam Bam the cream boy on the bed. duck hunting (above) This is our fabulous whelping box. You will get to know the inside of it very well with our next litter. We make your puppies available to you every day with the puppy cam. hunting

If only I had a bed shaped like this...think of all the dogs I could have sleeping at the foot of my bed then!

Dog piles are even more fun and I love them, but it makes it hard to sleep when your pinned all around by dogs. They take turns being crated at night.

hunting in trees

When I am at my desk all the dogs are around me. A favorite spot is of course under the desk. I've placed a small crate with a bed on top of it and a bed to the right of it so more can fit under there. Silly people, who needs room for feet?

Dog piles are the norm around here. With little puppies crawling over the top and pouncing on the big dogs who are trying to sleep. No it's not impressive, but our emphasis is on raising puppies in a home environment with lots of love that include hugs and kisses which you can't do if they are out in kennels and dog runs.

hunting in canoe

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